Biotensegrity Basics: Making and Using Your Own Tensegrity

Biotensegrity Basics: Making and Using Your Own Tensegrity

Self-paced Lessons - Live Model Building Session Nov 6 - Live Webinar Q & A, Nov 9 | taught by Chris Morita Clancy
Chris  Morita Clancy
Chris Morita Clancy

About the instructor

Chris Clancy is the founder of Embodied Biotensegrity bringing the biotensegrity paradigm to yoga teachers and movement professionals. She is a lead trainer for Vijnana Yoga International, is a faculty member at Karma Teachers college and offers workshops and retreats both at home and abroad.  Chris is a founding member of PNWBIG (Pacific Northwest Biotensegrity Interest Group) and board member of the S.M.Levin Biotensegrity Archive.

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Are you a coach? a dancer?  a teacher of yoga, pilates or other movement practice? a massage therapist, physical therapist or body worker? Are you excited about biotensegrity and what this new paradigm of whole body anatomy and movement can bring to your athletes, students and clients? Maybe you want a deeper understanding of this holistic model of the moving body. Maybe you don’t know where to start or how to bring this to your class? Maybe you long to be part of a vibrant community where you can discuss your questions and discoveries, and test out new ideas.

This course is just what you have been looking for.  You can learn from the comfort of you home saving you time and money. Start the self-paced lessons anytime. 

Register now and

  • Start the self-paced lessons  anytime
  • Gather your supplies and make your first tensegrity in lessons 2 & 3 
  • or
  • Gather a group of 6 or more and we'll schedule a webinar for your group.  (contact Chris for info on group savings)

When you have completed the course you will have:

  • Your own collapsable tensegrity that is easy to transport and quick to set up to use as a teaching aide in the field, classroom, treatment room or studio
  • The skills to guide your students and clients to make their own tensegrities using inexpensive and easily available materials. 

  • An understanding of 3 fundamental properties of tensegrities that are helpful in  informing human movement

    A way to teach your students and clients experientially about biotensegrity

  • Language skills for inspiring your students to explore their own tensegral structure

  • A way to help your students and clients feel firsthand the advantages to understanding their bodies as dynamic biotensegral structures

  • The ability to guide your clients and students in translating their felt experience of a tensegrity’s movements to their own bodies

What you need for the course:

  • Internet access and a computer or tablet for optimal viewing
  • Zoom app to join the online meeting/webinar (details in Chapter 2)
  • Materials and supplies for building your tensegrity (details in Chapter 2)

Time Investment:

The course content will take 4-6 hours to complete, including the two 60-90 minute webinars. You will have lifetime access to the webinar replays. Be sure to complete lessons 1 and 2 before the webinar begins!


Familiarity with the biotensegrity paradigm is recommended. You will find a free listening guide in the orientation chapter to give you the basics. We suggest that you listen to as much as possible before we begin so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions.

Course Contents

14 Videos
5 Texts
3 PDFs
1 Disqus
6.0 hrs