Living in the Round, Surrounded and Grounded by the Nature of Biotensegrity.

Living in the Round, Surrounded and Grounded by the Nature of Biotensegrity.

Part One: Circle of Creation and Creating a Class Mandala | taught by Joanne Avison
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Joanne Avison
Joanne Avison

About the instructor

Joanne Avison is a mother, Author, advanced Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and Structural Integration practitioner/teacher, with a private practice in Brighton, UK and a Masters’ Degree in Spiritual Sciences. Joanne teaches applied structural anatomy around the world and is among the early members of the Biotensegrity Interest Group (BIG) bringing biotensegrity to the world through presentation and practice. As the author of YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy & Movement (Handspring Publishing, 2014) her unique presentations and passion for how biotensegrity informs movement and “biomotional intelligence”, honours both new research on fascia and the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry, deep to the practice and philosophy of yoga and other movement practices.  From considerable experience in the anatomy dissection laboratory, Joanne is passionate about revealing how our own bodies are like instruments, that tell our unique stories through our personal movement signatures, in our own archetypal ways. As a graduate of the CMED Institute, and an artist, Joanne considers how we can translate ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge through simple, practical exercises. In this fun, interactive course we will create accessible class-plans based upon Biotensegrity principles, to learn about how you can create them as a valuable teaching/learning resource, to simplify your classes and find out how YOU respond to roundness!!

We self-assemble, living in the round, surrounded and grounded by the nature of biotensegrity; the geometry of motion explained. 

This course presents the geometry of rounded, biological forms and how we self-assemble under nature’s rules of soft-matter and self-assembly. We explore the basic geometry of the pre-embryonic forming that biotensegrity explains. The fascial matrix, our primary sensory organ of form, organizes us as rounded adaptable responsive creatures with unique movement signatures. How can we deepen our vitality, breath and movement by tuning ourselves, physically and philosophically, to our unique purpose? We will discover in this course how yoga already contains this ancient wisdom and learn how to explore it, through our own personal senses, and any movement practice, using three different take-home exercises.

Part One: Circle of Creation and Creating a Class Mandala

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