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taught by Chris Morita Clancy

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You have made your way here to  Embodied Biotensegrity online, so I know that you are as excited about biotensegrity as I am. You are likely a curious and avid learner who has been searching for a model of human anatomy and movement that actually explains what you feel in your body or see in those of your clients.  You have shown me that you are open to new ways of understanding. Plus, there is a very good chance that you are an innovator in your field, wanting to make a difference in the world.

Welcome to Embodied Biotensegrity! I invite you to join the paradigm shift and help bring biotensegrity to the streets by doing what you do best: sharing your work and your passion with the world.

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Chris  Morita Clancy
Chris Morita Clancy

Chris Clancy is the founder of Embodied Biotensegrity bringing the biotensegrity paradigm to yoga teachers and movement professionals. She is a lead trainer for Vijnana Yoga International, is a faculty member at Karma Teachers college and offers workshops and retreats both at home and abroad.  Chris is a founding member of PNWBIG (Pacific Northwest Biotensegrity Interest Group) and board member of the S.M.Levin Biotensegrity Archive.

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